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Paris Nord technique is an association governed by the law of 1st July 1901, jointly founded by the Aeroclub Paris-Nord, represented by its President Daniel Voisin, and Jacques Cochelin retired civil pilot.

In suitable and modern facilities, Paris Nord technique offers its know-how to aeroclubs that have neither means nor ability to create their own Approved Maintenance Unit.

Security, technology, modernity and minimum cost – that is what Paris Nord technique offers to local aeroclubs affiliated in FFA (French Aeronautic Federation).

Paris Nord technique is accommodated in 700 m² workshop, owned by ACPN. Designed for three mechanics and thirty aircraft, PNt began its activity with Luc Chaudet, a former Air Force pilot. He is assisted by a team of mechanics formed by Jacques Cochelin.

Aérodrome de Persan-Beaumont
95340 Bernes-sur-Oise
Tél : 01 39 37 02 74
Fax : 01 39 37 02 75
email : pntech@freesurf.fr


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