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Welcome to our Website. The Aero Club Paris-Nord was established in 1933 and is oriented towards quality training.

Our fleet consists of modern aircraft equipped with high-performance instrumentation: for enthusiasts of the 1940s, a mythical plane - the Piper Cub, for long-haul flights - a Cessna 172SP G1000. The technical maintenance of aircraft is performed by our own centre.

The staff includes twenty instructors available both on weekends and during the week. Variety of classrooms and a simulator are also available for participants of the training, as well as an enjoyable Persan-Beaumont clubhouse, all within the close surroundings of Paris.

Whether you are a qualified pilot or simply a beginner, come share our passion in a friendly atmosphere for a practice that requires rigor.

Hopefully, see you soon.

Michel Stoesslé , President of ACPN


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