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Known as Persan Beaumont Airfield or LFPA (ICAO code) – our aerodrome is located in the north of Val d’Oise at Bernes sur Oise . It is administered by Aéroports de Paris (ADP).

During the Second World War, the airfield served as a military base: The base A60.

Several clubs and associations share their passion for flying in Persan Beaumont airfield. The aerodrome offers a wide range of activities – from tourist planes, microlights, through helicopters and parascending , to model aircraft activities.

Persan Beaumont is therefore an aerodrome full of life, where you can spend a nice time during sunny weekends. A warm welcome is guaranteed, plus you can enjoy a nice meal in the Horizon Restaurant (opened also on weekends, which is not the case in all aerodroms).

As you can see above, the airfield comprises 3 runways, plus a disused paved runway (which should not be confused with 10/28 paved runway). The maintenance of runways and taxiways is of very high quality. Prudance and rigour flying the runway circuit are highly important due to inhabited areas situated in the close surroundings of the airfield.

Just a few flying minutes from the aerodrome you can discover Royaumont Abbey and the Castle of Chantilly (flying over requires the authorization of the control of Creil), and the Asterix Parc (flying over is forbidden, but you can get a good view when flying towards East).

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