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Becoming pilot : an accessible dream

Learning to fly an aircraft

In our Club, we recommend to start flying with ‘Formule d'Initiation au Pilotage’ (in short FIP), a program that is an introduction to piloting. At the end of the FIP, if you decide to continue, you will need a certificate of medical fitness issued by a DGCA approved doctor (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). The conditions of fitness are not draconian and they include, for example, a good sight. The training consists of theoretical training and regular practice provided by a qualified instructor.

Formule d'Initiation au Pilotage


Which license to choose?

Two licenses allow you to fly a private airplane:

Basic license (BB - Le Brevet de Base), which requires a pass of a test and twenty hours of flight. This license allows you to perform flights within 30 km distance. Minimum Age Requirements: 15 years.

The Private Pilot's License (PPL), requires successful pass of a test and a minimum of 45 hours of flight, from which 25 dual and 15 solo-flight. Minimum Age Requirements: 17 years.

The second license allows you to fly with passengers and to fly to all airfields open to civil traffic in France or elsewhere. Having passed the PPL license, you can develop your skills by completing acrobatics training, instrument flight training... and other, or even a training for commercial pilot's license, allowing you to begin an aviation career!

How much time and what budget should I devote?

For a beginner, it takes on average few months to get the basic license and from 6 months up to two years for private pilot license (PPL), depending on the frequency of lessons. Four sessions (45 minutes each) a month is the average amount of training suitable for most student pilots, but can be accelerated for the impatient ones.

The cost ranges from 2500 to 3200 € for a basic license and 7000 to 7500 € for a private pilot license (which gives a budget of approximately €400 per month over 18 months). These figures are indicative and may vary according to your profile. In addition, younger students can receive scholarships, particularly if they are holders of the BIA (Brevet d'Initiation Aéronautique), that is a training which is being offered in colleges and high schools.


Fifteen instructors provide the theoretical and practical courses, 7 days a week by appointment. Several rooms are dedicated to theory classes, and if by chance the weather is not good, the session can be completed by a simulator session.

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