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In this section we will try to answer most frequently asked questions. Please, do not hesitate to send us further questions.

- Are private aircraft equipped with emergency parachutes ?
> No. Only in aerobatics (and glider) the crew is equipped with a parachute. However, most often emergencies are resolved in a less risky way than an emergency jump. Our Cirrus SR20 is equipped with an emergency parachute system (unique in tourist aviation), which allows the aircraft to descend safely in an emergency situation.

- Are tourist aircraft equipped with "black boxes" ?
> No, they are not, which is opposite to what you may occasionally read in the press. Black boxes are too heavy and complicated to install in private planes.

- Can you fly at night ?
> Yes, if you are qualified to do so, or if you are accompanied by an authorized instructor.

- Can you fly over my house?
> Yes and no... it depends on its location. Large cities like Paris and its agglomeration are forbidden for private aircraft flights. In general, flying over highly populated areas is forbidden below certain altitude, but if you live in a village it might be possible to fly over and turn above your house.


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